Novabee makes your life easier with integrated solutions.

Think global! For your software, Novabee favors tailored and perfectly integrated solutions.

Your IT infrastructure is built with vision and intelligence. Not as a motley puzzle, but as a set of solutions that integrate well with each other. At least that’s how we work at Novabee.

  • Carefully selected solutions, thanks to our rock-solid experience
  • The constant concern to provide you with integrated responses
  • Efficient and tailored software adapted to SMBs needs
  • A selection of the most interesting sales channels
  • Attractive subscription opportunities

Our philosophy: make your life easier… and never let you down.

Even when the support of your software is provided by other external companies, we do everything to provide you with effective solutions. We propose to be the point of contact for all your existing business software and make it a point of honor not to reject issues between providers.