BitWarden, secure yourself!

With BitWarden, secure your digital life and protect your professional accounts!

With more and more data in the cloud, mailboxes hacking are in full upsurge. Actually all your cloud accounts are attractive for hackers.

Piracy is so successful thanks to one main reason: way-to-weak passwords: your birth date or your child’s (or cat’s?) name are NOT secure passwords, even with that awesome trick of yours that makes your password unique to each service offered on the Internet. Sorry!

Some (basic) rules

  • Each website / service must have its own distinct password
  • Each password must be long (at least 8 characters), complex (a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters), and impossible to remember!

And there you are, you now already know why you need a password manager.

This is where BitWarden comes in

BitWarden is a password manager like there are many others, but it’s the one we recommend … and you know you can trust us to monitor the market, test and evaluate products and finally give you some good advice 🙂

How will BitWarden help you?

  • It generates unique and complex passwords for use on every platform you use
  • It stores these passwords in a safe place and never forgets them!
  • It automatically fills in the login forms when you surf (and automatically connects apps on your smartphone too)
  • It synchronizes your passwords between your different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • It also completes contact forms and online payment forms if you wish so
  • It allows you to share passwords with colleagues by creating unlimited password collections
  • It allows you to access your passwords from any web browser when needed …
  • It keeps your passwords secure and backed-up at all time

On top of all this, BitWarden keeps things tidy: users can keep their personal data private and share the corporate data with colleagues.

What does BitWarden cost?

In short: € 3 / user / month. Now compare this amount to the number of times you enter a password each month.

There is a free version of BitWarden which is awesome for personal use. Implementing it organization-wide requires the Enterprise plan to enable audits & logging as well as other advantages amongst which all users get Premium features! This enterprise plan costs 3$ / user / month.

Compared to other solutions, BitWarden is one of the cheapest and the best at the same time! It certainly offers the best value for money!

Getting started

As usual, we’re excited to help you implement this! Just ask us: we can help set up the entire solution, configuring the basics and providing you with a small user guide written just for you!

Oh, by the way…

BitWarden is open source software and hosted on Microsoft Azure. To read further: