Dashlane, password manager

I’m calling you because I see tons of non-delivery reports in my inbox for emails I actually never sent…

Reported by various users lately..

With more and more data in the cloud, the hacking of mailboxes is in full upsurge and becomes even more interesting: more data are available and the sending of spam via hacked accounts easy… and mailbox hacking is just one example!

The main cause of piracy is almost always the same: a way-to-weak password: your own birthdate, your child’s (or cat’s?) name, and even with tricks that makes your password unique to each service offered on the Internet, it remains much too weak.

Some (basic) rules

  • each website / service = a distinct password
  • each password must be a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters impossible to remember!

These two reasons are already sufficient to encourage the use of a password manager.

This is where Dashlane comes in

Dashlane is a password manager like there are many others, but it’s the one we recommend … and you know you can trust us to monitor the market, test and evaluate products and finally give you some good advice 🙂

How will Dashlane help you?

  • It generates unique and complex passwords for use on each and every platform you use
  • It stores these passwords in a safe place and never forgets them!
  • It automatically fills in the login forms when you surf (and automatically connects to some app on your smartphone too)
  • It alerts you if a security breach has been revealed on a site for which you have an account and allows you to change your associated password quickly and easily
  • It synchronizes your passwords between your different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • It also completes contact forms and online payment forms if you wish so
  • It allows you to share passwords with colleagues
  • It allows you to access your passwords from any web browser when needed …

What does Dashlane cost?

In short: € 4 / user / month.

(reduce this amount to the number of times you enter a password each month)

We advise that you subscribe to the Business plan for your organization and then invite each member of the team.

And of course, we’re excited to help you implement this!

I thought Dashlane was free?

There is a free version of Dashlane. Unfortunately, its limitations make it pretty useless: no synchronization of your passwords to the cloud (and thus no backup) and therefore no synchronization with your other devices either.